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Our founder began working in the real estate industry in 1988.  This was a particularly interesting time to be entering the real estate market because it was also the height of the Savings and Loan industry's collapse.  And, as a result, this upheaval brought about a significant change to the real estate landscape in the United States.  There were drastic price corrections throughout the U.S., an onslaught of properties went into foreclosure throughout the nation, and, of course, it became very difficult to obtain financing for anything; real estate or otherwise.  


Not one to be deterred by a challenge, Martin began to look for ways to capitalize on the unique opportunities before him. Chief among these pursuits were ways in which he could transcend the new rigors of obtaining financing so that he could take advantage of the many real estate opportunities before him.  He began sourcing private capital through unconventional means, proposing new and novel ways of sourcing and purchasing properties that had been taken back by banks, working closely with distressed owners to both purchases the distressed properties as well as working closely with owners to restructure their existing debt so that they were able to retain ownership of their home, staving off the threat of a foreclosure action. ​

Commercia Loan
"When it comes to sourcing commercial 
financing, there is simply no substitute for experience."

Unfortunately for Martin, but luckily for you, these adverse conditions and the need to "think outside the box" was to become the cornerstone of Martin's real estate and financing experience.  Nearly 30 years later, you, the client, benefit not only from Martin's years of unconventional lending experience and his vast knowledge of virtually every sector of the lending and real estate markets but also the strengths of the extraordinary team of lending and real estate industry professionals Martin has met, amassed and has worked closely with for many years.  

Over the course of the last 30 years, Martin has trained over 1,000 real estate agents (principally in the New York City commercial and residential sales and rental markets), was a partner of a mortgage brokerage team that was consistently ranked among the Top 10 Loan Originators (for the number of transactions and dollar volumes) in the United States, introduced changes to the NYC real estate rental and sales paradigm, authored a weekly mortgage newsletter with a distribution of over 10,000 subscribers and introduced multiple sales and marketing strategies for both the real estate and lending markets. 

So, when you make the choice to retain Latham Funding you're not just choosing a mortgage brokerage, you are choosing a company that draws upon some of the very best and most experienced talents in the lending and real estate industries. 

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